“The AI-Design Sprint Chatbot made it possible to align with our client, and they got really excited about the project. We are very happy using the AI-Design Sprint Chatbot.”

Henrik Søndergaard Andersen, Conversational Designer, BotSupply


The AI-Design Sprint Chatbot

Perfect to start off your project with the client – or this could be your sales tool for getting a chatbot project


  • getting better briefs

  • creating more sophisticated solutions

  • aligning easily

It’s a tool out of paper, cards and simple process steps – it guides you through the development process step by step together with your client in a half-day session.

In fact, you literally walk through the steps with your client as you move along the canvas. At the end you defined the functionality and the personality of your chatbot.


THE outcome



You start at the bottom, at phase 1, and work your way up to end at phase 7.

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WHAT the AI-Design Sprint Chatbot CONSISTS OF

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The development steps are outlined on the canvas, participants walk from one end of the canvas to the other end up having defined the functionality and personality of their chatbot.

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Card Decks

The card decks are used to match the user need with AI technology, and for defining the personality of the chatbot.

  • AI-Card Deck

  • Personality Card Deck

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The keynote presentation introduces AI and the AI-Card Deck, and explains each process step on the canvas together with providing a time for each step.

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THE pricing

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