Become a Certified Chatbot AI Design Sprint Facilitator – developing a chatbots functionality & personality together with your client


We developed the Chatbot AI Design Sprint in collaboration with the fantastic conversational AI design company BotSupply.


THE chatbot AI DESIGN SPRINT is for:

  • getting better briefs, or to develop briefs further together

  • aligning with your client

  • landing chatbot projects in case you use it as a sales tool

  • developing a new solution, or for gaining knowledge from your client when starting off a project


“The Chatbot AI Design Sprint made it possible to align with our client. And they got really excited about the project. We’re extremely happy using the Chatbot AI Design Sprint.”

Henrik Søndergaard Andersen, Conversational Designer, BotSupply

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three direct outcomes of the Chatbot ai design sprint


How it works

It’s a half-day session. The canvas leads you through the development steps:

  1. Brief

  2. Person

  3. Needs & wants

  4. AI technology

  5. Functionality

  6. Personality

  7. User test

  8. Solution




Developing a chatbots personality with your team.

Developing a chatbots functionality & personality with your team.


€1.000 excl. VAT


€2.500 excl. VAT and travel for Jonas & Mike


€1.500 excl. VAT


€3.000 excl. VAT and travel for Jonas & Mike