There are two areas you can apply AI at a company:

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It’s the processes, and it’s the products & services of a company you will improve much with AI. In fact, you would start out with the overview, mapping the AI opportunities for the entire organisation, then going into opportunity spaces in process and product.


The AI-Design Sprint is the tool to do so. Here is the entire process of going from zero to ai implemented at your company:


the four AI-Design Sprints:


AI-Design Sprint Opportunity Mapping

This is a starting point if the company has not a clear understanding of AI and would like to get an overview of their opportunities to use AI. Most companies are in this situation. In short: Participants match elements of the organisational diagram with AI technology.  


  • Identification and overview of opportunities to use AI in your entire company

  • Prioritised list of opportunities

  • Next steps


AI-Design Sprint Process Automation

Process automation through AI is where a company gets results quite fast. Therefore we see that many business consultancies focus on this area within applying AI. You automate processes of core business processes. In short: Participants match process elements with AI technology.


  • Developed solutions to automate processes in your company

  • You gained alignment – you speak one language when it comes to AI

  • You gained energy – through ownership you generated the energy to move the project forward fast


AI-Design Sprint Product Amplification

In this sprint you add an AI technology layer on existing products or services. This is super valuable as AI improves products and services dramatically. In short: Participants match AI technology with elements of the user story.


  • You improved your product or service by adding AI

  • You gained alignment – you speak one language when it comes to AI

  • You gained energy – through ownership you generated the energy to move the project forward fast


AI-Design Sprint New Services

Participants are very innovative by developing new services. In short: Participants match the most important user need with AI technology.


  • Developed new AI-based services for your company

  • Alignment, you speak one language when it comes to AI

  • Ownership and energy of the team to move the project forward fast


In the package included are training and continuous updates. Updates are each six months because of the ongoing improvement of AI and new use cases coming out.


We have two pricing models:

  • Pay per use

  • Purchase and buy each 6 month the update


The AI-Design Sprint Pro Package Consultancies

For consultancies – four AI-Design Sprints


  • mapping the organisation’s AI opportunities

  • Automating work processes

  • adding an AI tech layer on top of existing products or services

  • developing new AI-based services

Today consulting isn’t done by presenting a finished solution, but by co-creating a solution together with the client. Now within AI you can do so – using our AI-Design Sprint Pro Package Consultancies.


“Our Master Class students developed with the AI-Design Sprint ways to apply AI for a variety of different industries. I highly recommend the AI-Design Sprint.”

Prof. Dr. Yorck von Borcke, Dean of Master Program Digital Management, Fresenius University, Hamburg