AI-Design Sprint Process Automation

Your team develops ways your employees could work together with AI to increase the quality, or save time in order to do tasks that create additional value.

Furthermore, automation allows established companies to gain enough resources to truly innovate, like platform companies, resulting in products & services that better serve people’s needs.


“80% of processes in today’s companies can be run with an AI with today’s technology.”

Hans-Christian Boos, CEO at Arago, AI pioneer




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In the 3-hour Pre-session we make sure we have the right data to put into the AI-Design Sprint session.

In the half-day AI-Design Sprint session your team develops specific AI solution concepts and evaluates them together with our AI expert. In the one-day Technical design sprint our AI expert talks with your IT department.

A week later our AI expert presents in a 2-hour session the recommended AI solution concept together with cost and time frame for implementation. You’ll receive a documentation as well.

The Proof of concept is a 6-week lab exercise where we train the algorithms with your data. We build a business case, and scale it in your organisation.



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AI-Design Sprint Process Automation session


You’ll start with your process.

Process automation through AI is where a company gets results quite fast. Therefore we see that many business consultancies focus on this area within applying AI. You automate processes of core business processes. In short: Participants match process elements with AI technology.



  • Developed solutions to automate processes in your company

  • You gained alignment – you speak one language when it comes to AI

  • You gained energy – through ownership you generated the energy to move the project forward fast




Price: €7.500

(€2.000 Pre-session, €2.500 AI-Design Sprint Process Automation session, €1.500 Technical design sprint, €1.500 Recommendation)