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In an AI Design Sprint your team develops AI applications for your company together with an AI expert. Afterwards we can bring it to life as well.


first, get an overview

Opportunity Mapping AI Design Sprint

You identify AI opportunities in your company, you get an overview of where in your company you could apply AI.


One way to apply AI at a company is to look at its work processes and automate them

Process Automation AI Design Sprint

You automate your work processes. In many cases it’s that AI will support people in their tasks.

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another way to apply AI at a company is to look at its existing products & services and add ai to them

Product & Service Transformation AI Design Sprint

You improve your existing products and services by putting an AI technology layer on them.


Or create entirely new ai-based products & services

New Products & Services AI Design Sprint

You develop new AI-based products and services for your company.