AI Design Sprint

for the classroom


We help children and students become smarter about AI and as a team develop AI applications on concept level.

Teams do that in a playful way with our AI Design Sprint, a paper-based design tool.

Children with our AI Design Sprint tool learn 21st Century Skills, like collaboration and teamwork, problem-solving, as well as technology literacy in the area of AI.


Our clients:

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Together with Designskolen Kolding and Regndans we led a Robotics Design Sprint with a focus on AI in collaboration with Favrskov Kommune with 800 teachers and 100 schoolchildren at one event.

The schoolchildren experienced it before so that they could coach their teachers, which they did brilliantly.


A class of students from Hyper Island Karlskrona experience the AI Design Sprint tool.


The AI Design Sprint

The paper-based AI Design Sprint tool enables children and students to work with AI on concept level as a team. For teachers it is easy to facilitate. No prior design or technical background necessary. Plug and play it into your regular teaching or project week.



  • Gaining an understanding of AI

  • Gaining data awareness

  • Working with an open end-task

  • Being able to evaluate your own concepts

  • Working together as team

  • Developing AI concepts

  • Questioning your concepts from an ethical view

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving




Versions: elementary school / middle & high school / university


What you’ll get: A plug-and-play package of: AI Design Sprint Canvas, AI Card Deck, Data cards, Ethic cards, slide presentation, online training, live Q&A, access to the network of AI Design Sprint facilitators.