For digital agencies: Become a certified AI-Design Sprint Facilitator


This training is for consultants and designers in digital agencies.

You will be able to

  • develop chatbots together with your client

  • improve with your client his existing products & services by adding AI

  • develop with your client new AI-based products & services

These form the three training moduls. Each module is a one-day training and you will get that specific AI Design Sprint tool.


Training module one: Chatbot Development

You develop with your team the functionality and personality of your chatbot.

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TRAINING MODULE two: improve products & services with ai

You add an AI technology layer on existing products & services.

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Training module three: develop new products & services

You develop with your team new AI-based products & services.

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What you’ll get


Three days of training


All three tools


Access to every six months updates



For 3-10 people


excl. VAT