4. Feb. ‘19

a big welcome to our new client jayway

The spreading of the positive power of AI got a boost today – Jayway will use our AI-Design Sprint tool for developing AI applications with their clients. They are a design driven software studio with offices in Malmö, Halmstad, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Palo Alto. We are super happy to collaborate with Jayway.


30. Jan. ‘19

we created a way to get an overview

We see more and more that companies would like to get an overview of what AI could do in their company. Therefore we lead half-day “AI-Design Sprint Opportunity Mapping” sessions for a company’s team to map out their AI opportunities for their company. Outcome: your prioritised list of your AI opportunities. We do that not to up-sell more but our focus and value we deliver and charge for lays in that session.


 28. Jan. ‘19

Podcast interview

Jonas and I, Mike, were guests at Dallas Design Sprints Podcast. Talking about the AI-Design Sprints, in particular the AI-Design Sprint Chatbot. Enjoy the show!


25. Jan. ‘19

Book mention

The most recent book in Denmark on artificial intelligence comes from Peter Svarre, “Hvad Skal Vi Med Mennesker”, and we are honored Peter mentioned us, our categorising of AI technologies, and our AI-Design Sprint that provides simple steps for companies to match their needs with specific AI technologies.