Artificial intelligence refers to devices, software and systems that are able to learn and to make decisions in almost the same manner as people.

Yes, we see AI very broadly.

We divided AI into seven categories: understands what it hears, understands what it sees, creates, extracts information, predicts & optimises, automates tasks, and acts autonomously.


Understands what it hears


AI understands the meaning of spoken text which enables it to have conversations with people. It can even recognise a person by their voice.

Example: Google Assistant sets up a a hair salon appointment over the phone.


Understands what it sees


AI sees and understands the environment as we humans do. It identifies objects and can describe what it happening. It also recognises people by their face.

Examples: Amazon Go sees which items you take, so you don’t need a cashier to pay.

Microsoft has created an AI bot that captions photos and it’s shockingly accurate.




AI can create things. It can, for example, write text or code, compose music or create pictures. It even improves products or creates new ones.

Examples: Give the AI Writer a headline and it conducts the research and writes the text too. 

TensorFlow developed an algorithm for text-summarisation.


Extracts information


AI goes through a lot of data to generate valuable output. For example, it recognises patterns and anomalies and finds relevant data.

Example: Everlaw lets lawyers easily organise and search through millions of documents, videos, emails, and pictures.


Predicts and optimises


Automates tasks


AI enables computers or machines to automatically fulfil tasks and perform processes, like trading or customer service.

Examples: Nimbus is an AI crypto trading bot.

Mildred, Lufthansa’s Facebook Messenger Bot helps you to find the best flight.


Acts autonomously


AI enables computers or machines to act without human intervention. This enables, for example, driverless cars or software that learns independently of humans.

Examples: OpenAI’s bot wins against human player teams in the game Dota 2 which requires a high degree of teamwork. 

Alpha Go Zero learns independent of humans.