AI-Design Sprint Opportunity Mapping

Perfect for getting started

With a helicopter view we look at your entire organisation – all your processes, and products, and your customers needs, and match them with categories of AI technologies. The purpose is to get an overview of your AI opportunities, mapping your AI opportunities.

Afterwards our AI expert evaluates and prioritises your AI opportunities.

The AI-Design Sprint Opportunity Mapping is a 6-hours session with a 90-minutes evaluation presentation the following week.

What to expect

We start with an org-chart of your organisation, or an overall process map, or project lifecycle map, your product list, and your customers needs. You identify pains and points where much value is created. Then your team matches your organisation or your processes, your products, and customer needs with AI technology using our AI-Category Card Deck.

The result will be that you will see areas where much value is created through applying AI. Our AI expert will evaluate the opportunities of their technical feasibility and prioritise them. A week later our AI expert presents the documentation of the evaluation.


  • An overview of the AI opportunities in your organisation

  • Prioritised list of your AI opportunities

  • Alignment of your team on AI

  • A better understanding of AI

  • You get started


  • Duration: 6-hours, and a 90-minutes presentation of the evaluation one week later

  • Material needed: org-chart, or process map, or project lifecycle map, your customer needs, (we can make that with you prior, no worries)

  • We’ll come with 2 facilitators, our AI expert joins at the end of the session. He presents the evaluation a week later as well.

  • Number of participants: 2-8

  • Costs total: €6.000 / DKK45.000


“Your session was super powerful ... the clients loved it.”

Hazel Swayne, Director of Tailored Solutions, Hyper Island