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/ For chatbot companies

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AI-Design Sprint Chatbot

Develop a chatbot together with your client. Defining the functionality and personality – with our product out of paper and cards.


/ For consultancies

/ For digital agencies

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AI-Design Sprint Pro Package Consultancies

Apply AI together with your client. Four AI-Design Sprint tool sets for:

  • mapping the organisation’s AI opportunities

  • automating work processes

  • adding an AI tech layer on existing products or services

  • developing new AI-based services

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AI-Design Sprint Pro Package Digital Agencies

Improve existing products & services through adding AI. And develop new AI-based products & services.


/ For everyone


AI Mag

Magazine about AI in the life of people. Their superpower life. Quarterly magazine that brings AI down to earth.

/ For manufacturing companies


AI-Design Sprint Manufacturing Automation


Automate your manufacturing through robotics and AI. In a two-day session you develop your automated manufacturing processes.

Jonas and Mike together with our friends at Regndans and our robotics expert facilitate this session, you simply book them.


/ For enterprise companies

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AI-Design Sprint Opportunity Mapping

Start. By identifying AI opportunities in your company. In a half-day session you get an overview of where in your company you could apply AI. And our AI expert prioritises your opportunities.

Jonas and Mike facilitate this session, you simply book them.


“The AI-Design Sprint was a fantastic experience and great AI tool.”

Wei Wei, Management Consultant, Northstream

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"I use the 33A toolset in my workshops to help large corporates design better products, services, and businesses accelerated by AI. Applying the tools is fun and we have created unique solutions of high quality."

Sebastian T. Vetter (Ph.D), Founder, Innovation and Strategy Consultant, innovate-strategy




In four hours one algorithm taught itself three different games and reached superhuman level.

Published December 2017, AlphaZero (from DeepMind owned by Google) taught itself (called reinforcement learning) chess, the Japanese game shogi, and Go and in each game beat the world champion, coming up with completely new strategies. It demonstrates that a single algorithm can learn how to discover new knowledge in a range of settings.

Google’s AI creates better AI code than the researchers who made the AI.

Oct. 2017, Google’s AutoML system produced a series of machine-learning codes with higher rates of efficiency than those made by the researchers themselves. 

AI reads and comprehends text better than humans.

Jan. 2018, Alibaba’s language processing AI outscored top humans at a Stanford University reading and comprehension test, scoring 82.44 against 82.304 on a set of 100,000 questions.




AI has a meaningful phone conversation with a person.

In May 2018, Google’s Duplex was presented with the AI autonomously arranging a hair salon appointment over the phone. It spoke like a human would, using fillers like “hmm” and “uh”. It’s the world’s most lifelike chatbot.

AI recommends products.

The music streaming service Spotify with “Discover Weekly” recommends newly released music by artists you like. Other services that recommend products using AI are YouTube with “Recommended Videos”, LinkedIn with “Jobs You May Be Interested In”, Netflix with “Other Movies You May Enjoy”, for example.

AI automates the correspondence in a recruitment process.

Ari is a recruiting chatbot that is designed to hold two-way text message conversations with candidates. Ari automates posting jobs, advertising openings, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and nurturing candidate relationships with updates as they progress along the hiring funnel.


why we do it

Artificial Intelligence can improve people’s lives dramatically, therefore we are dedicated to making the power of AI accessible to all. We do this through sharing practical tools for people to use AI.